Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bucket List Club (1 June 2013 Update)

Are you feeling like your in a rut?  Unhappy with life?  Unhappy with yourself?  Feel like your unable to truly achieve anything?  Have low self-esteem?  Regretful of missed opportunities and foolish/shameful things you have done in your past?  Been used and abused, but can't seem to think of yourself as more than a loser?  I think I just might have a solution.

First, I'd like to share a quote from one of my very favorite authors/therapists about self-esteem.
"Self-esteem must be earned! When you dare to dream, dare to follow that dream, dare to suffer through the pain, sacrifice, self-doubts, and friction from the world -- when you show such courage and tenacity --  you will genuinely impress yourself.  And most important, you will treat yourself accordingly and not settle for less from others -- at least, not for long.
Self-esteem is always forged from your efforts.
Accomplishment, leading to self-esteem, is not just about doing is about the courage to persist through pain and failure and self-doubt; to go past 'splat." 
~Dr. Laura Schlessinger

All this to say that I just got a huge boost of self-esteem last night, which led me to take steps to increase my self-esteem even more this morning......and for some reason I know feel happier than I did just 24 hours earlier.  The strangest part of it is that the initial thing that caused me to have this boost of self-esteem is a weave.  Huh?  Let me explain.

Back in June 2012, my sister was casually discussing how she and my nieces were creating bucket lists (things they want to do/accomplish/experience) before they die.  For some strange reason, I became obsessed and decided to start a Bucket List Club with them.  I even wrote a blog about it (  So our mandate was to create a bucket list and meet once a year to decide which bucket list items we would work on for that year. We picked one short-term goal (to be completed and crossed off by the end of that year) and one long-term goal, that we would take defined steps to move closer towards that goal by the end of that year.  To help in achieving these goals and not becoming overwhelmed, we have quarterly meetings and break our goals up into 4 measurable steps throughout the year.

For 2013, my short-term goal was very superficial (Trust me, I do have more serious goals in the horizon, but I wanted to start with something light).  Before I die, I wanted to experience what it was like to have a weave.  I have very thick and full hair and during the time in my life when it was at it's longest, people actually thought I had a weave.....but I never really had a weave before.  I'd like to know what it looks and feels like.  Is it really as addictive as people say?  Is it a good strategy to use to give your natural hair a break and grow without interruption?  I wanted to find out for myself.

Well, last night was the night.  I took a half day off work and went to a salon in Philly (Upper Darby, actually) who did my friend's weave back in December.  My scalp is in pain and it takes some getting used to, but I'm so happy that I did it.  I've accomplished something! .....and I woke up this morning feeling just a little better about myself.......and it caused me to make a move towards my long-term goal.

My long-term goal I am working towards this year is getting my PhD.  Yes, I want to be a Dr. and I eventually want to teach at a college level.  Knowing that The Princeton Review is one of the best test prep strategy courses in the nation, I went on their website and registered for a free practice GMAT test at Rider University (near my house) in September.  I've got to start somewhere, right?

The point is that I felt so good about myself this morning that I HAD to blog about it!  Want some self-esteem?  Start a bucket list club and stick to it....or just create some concrete goals and constantly work towards them.  Earn that self-esteem and you will have well as so many of the other things you want in life.  :-)  *inspired*

The hair I brought:

Me leaving the salon that night:

Right before wrapping my hair and going to bed that night: