Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What I Want circa 2008 and Other Late Night Musings

In March 2009, I copied and pasted a wish list in my Facebook notes, entitled "What I Want...."
A year earlier, I had written this and posted it to MySpace, but when MySpace became lame, I decided that it was time to move my list of wants to a platform where everyone was starting to switch to....Facebook

At the time, I was dating, 'in love' and almost 30 years old.  At the time, my mom was struggling with cancer and eventually succumbed a little over 3 months later.  I felt that I was ready for marriage and this is what I felt that I wanted:


Love, Unconditionally.

Someone who is able to accept me for who I am today and while accepting my current standing, is able to support my future growth.

Someone who is able to speak for and think for themselves.

Someone who accepts their own life, while constantly striving to become better.

Maturity. Someone who is able to accept that yesterday is gone, will never return again and is better off that way.

Truthfulness to God, myself, themselves and everyone around them.

Someone who adores me, wants to please me, spend time with me and appreciates the woman that I am.

Someone who looks out for and can protect me.

Someone who is always there when I need them....even if there is nothing they can do to help me....they are there, supporting me every step of the way...trying.

Someone who finds me worth it....worth giving up relationships that pull us apart....worth accepting a new life in place of the old....worth going against the popular vote to express their love and dedication towards me....worth enduring ridicule for something/someone they believe in.

Today, I am a 39 year old woman with a husband and two daughters.  While I still love this list (not much has changed), I randomly was thinking of my wish list the other day and posted the following:

- Someone with incredible character and integrity
- Someone who both amazes me and thinks I'm magic
- Someone with confidence
- Someone that makes me better and inspires me to be better
- Someone who loves to learn and is always working towards growth*
- A partner, an asset, a covering.

Now, all I need to do is work on becoming the person that I want....

* I just added this one on the fly  :-)