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Coupon Class Tip: How to get FREE MILK…..

Took this one from a Generous Savings blog.......
I did one of these money makers last week and my husband was amazed  ;-)
Hop on the money saving train with me, why don't you!

Coupon Class Tip: How to get FREE MILK…..

…..or free produce or something else free that you want….

So, I wanted to break some things down for you and help you see how you can save and get even things like a gallon of milk for free!

In my coupon classes I recommend that you save all your coupons. Why?  Well, what if that coupon for that product that you don’t use would help you make a few bucks?

How is that possible you might ask..

Well, sometimes, there are amazing rewards deals or catalina deals at your local store.  This means that when you buy x you get a coupon for a certain amount of money off of your next purchase of anything in the store. Many times, when you add a coupon into this rewards deal, you can make it a freebie or a money-maker
Even if you don’t get coupons, there are times when you can print a coupon to make a deal a money-maker
AND even if you don’t use coupons at all, sometimes, there are just amazing deals that are a money maker all on their own

I want to break down 2 examples of these money-makers and how it can get you free milk.

These deals happened just this week.  Deals like this don’t happen all the time, but they do happen frequently, and I love to feature them on Generous Savings.

This week at Rite Aid there was this deal:
Buy 2 Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion 1 oz. -$0.79 each (bogo50%)
Pay $1.26 (includes tax)
Get a $3 +Up Reward when you buy 2 (limit 2)
FREE + $1.74 moneymaker!

You were allowed to do this deal twice, which  means you could have walked away with 4 little lotions and the store paying you $3.48!!  Yes, you read me right.  The store paid you to take them out of the store!
Now the store, wants you to forget about your +UP rewards or buy something expensive overpriced item that you don’t need with those rewards.

What do I want you to do?  Well, you can either a) save them for next week when you buy more items that will trigger +UP rewards or b) go buy an item you need that you don’t have coupons for with them, like MILK!!!

Here is another deal that occurred at Shoprite this week (this catalina deal is good through 7/8):
Buy 3 Kikkoman meat marinade packets 3/$2
use 3 $1/1 Kikkoman Marinade or $0.50/1 Kikkoman Marinades, pg. 85 All You, May 2012 (exp 10/31/2012) or $1/1 Kikkoman Marinade
pay 0
get $2 catalina
Free + $2 money maker after coupons and catalina!

Now, if you did the money-maker deal twice, you would have $4 in catalina’s!  Enough to buy a gallon of milk!  How cool is that?

You could also use those catalina’s on produce and get free broccoli or even free organic produce!
So, sometimes, it takes a little creative thinking to figure out how to save on essentials like produce (even organic produce) and milk, but it IS possible to save on such things!

Even if you are not a die hard couponer, you could do a money-maker deal or two each week and save a few bucks.  If you were able to do 1 $3 money maker deal a week, that would be $156 you saved in 1 year! (plus all the free stuff you got).

So, who could use some free milk or extra money?

If you have any questions, or need any help understanding the deals, please don’t hesitate to ask a question in the comments!

Stay tuned to Generous Savings and the freebies tab for more great deals like this!
Remember, even if you don’t use these money-maker items, you can donate them to someone who will use them!

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