Thursday, October 4, 2012

If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time......

If I could do it all over, this is what I’d do.  I’d live my life freely.  I’d study abroad, while in college, join the peace corps when I got out and gain some life experience before I settle down in an expensive home in NYC.  Yes, I’d work to take care of myself, but I’d also take chances in my youth that I may never have the opportunity to take when I get older.

It saddens me to see the young wasting their lives away with drugs and partying.  If you really only live once (YOLO), don’t you want to protect the one body that you have?  Don’t you want to use the few youthful years that you have to make a difference in the world?  Drugs don’t enrich your life, alcohol doesn’t enrich your life and partying doesn’t enrich your life.  Actually, it sucks the fun out of your life and causes long-term side effects and lots of wasted time.

As most people that know me know…..I have just returned from a week-long trip to Cape Verde, Africa and it has changed my whole outlook on life.  I love the motherland (atleast this section of it) and I want to know more!  It has almost been a week since I’ve been back and I can’t stop thinking about it.  I’m looking up Kriolu words, reading visitors guides, constantly looking at my pictures and basically thinking about my trip all the time.
This morning, I decided to get to the bottom line of these beautiful island’s mantra, “Tu dret, Sens Stress” meaning “Relax, No Stress”, and came across a blog ( written by a man who joined the Peace Corp and was assigned to Cape Verde for 2 years (from 2007 to 2009).  He did everything from campaigning to save the sea turtles to teaching computer literacy classes in the depths of the Cape Verdean villages.  This made me think.  When I look back over my life, I don’t regret not clubbing more or trying this drug or getting drunk or sleeping with random men.  My regrets are not taking more chances that would’ve helped me know myself better and not having used those years when I was younger and had less responsibility (and bills and time on my side) to truly make a difference in the world and those people I came in contact with.
You Only Live Once, so choose wisely how you choose to live your life.  I am truly grateful that there are some things that I didn’t waste precious years of my life on.  God really blessed me in that arena. However, if I could do it all over, this is what I’d do…….

Tu Dret! Sens Stress!!!!!!! 




  1. After this trip to the Cabo Verde Islands, I also became reflective. But in a much different way. I've also started reading Kriolu words. Since our minds and thought processes are different we all view life and situations differently. The past never entered my mind, but the future and the present, which in truth is all that really matters. I thought mostly what can I do now that can affect the rest of my life. I noticed that the non-stress attitude created a younger more vibrant people. They age slower. The women I can in contact with showed me through their words that the world is so much bigger than I thought, and that opportunities are always waiting in the wings, as is happiness if you reach out and grab it. I learned that there's beauty in every experience be it good or bad. And my life long issue of patience is not just a work in progress, I've been practicing it with more ease than ever before. I learned that its good to step out of the box and experience life in your own way. Because your lessons and experiences are part of your unique journey back to the creator. And how you get there and the tools God has given you is Gods gift. Our destination is the same our GPS just takes us down different roads. Some of us like scenic route other like to drive in the dark until we reach daylight.

    1. I agree. There is nothing that can be done about the past. We must all look towards the future. However, I spoke about the past to offer my personal reflection/perspective for those who are young now and have a little more time and a little less responsibility on their hands.

      I, too, am looking at what I can do now to live a more enriching life. The women I met in Cape Verde also had a profound impact on me. Their life experiences showed me that it's never too late......but for those who are still young, why wait until your an old fogie to make those leaps. Leap now, so that you have a longer life of happiness. You never know what the future holds. You can be in an accident and be cripple by 30. Life life, love others and enrich this world now....while you still have a chance.