Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Create a New Habit

We were given a handout in my HypnoBirthing class that is very applicable to everyday life.  Of course, this was given in reference to practicing our self-hypnosis strategies, so that we are prepared to implement them during labor/delivery.  However, I thought that everyone could use this as a guideline in forming new habits.

  1. Pick something you want to do
  2. Write down why you want to do it
  3. Write a strategy to reach your goal
  4. Record progress daily for 1 week
  5. Re-evaluate for any changes that need to be made
  6. Follow for 30 days
At this stage in the pregnancy, we are hoping for a natural birth, but are prepared to do whatever is necessary to deliver a healthy baby girl.  If I am required to get a c-section (which I absolutely don't want), I will not feel like I've wasted my time in this HypnoBirthing class.  The lessons that they are teaching me go far beyond childbirth.  I am learning lessons for life.

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