Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10 Weeks to Organizing Your Holiday Celebrations

There is one thing that we've wanted to do ever since we got married......and even more so since we've had a baby.  We are officially a total family now, so I think it's time to start sending out holiday cards, decorating the house and giving to others during the holidays.

I came across a blog that provides a 10 week challenge that helps you plan and organize your end of year holiday season, which I decided to participate in.  Please join me as I go through this challenge and feel free to follow the steps, as well.

Have you had it with holiday stress? Come join me each Friday for the next 10 weeks as I share tips on organizing your holiday celebrations. | Organize 365
*For more information, visit Organize 365 at
If this post begins week 10 and I start all following weeks on Sunday, we can actually complete the final week from December 20th -26th.  Perfect!
Hopefully, we'll actually be able to decorate the house and send out Christmas cards this year!

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