Monday, January 27, 2014


Under what circumstances must you forgive?

Iyanla Vanzant just released a book on forgiveness, teaching you how to forgive everyone for everything in 21 days

I am currently reading The Love Dare book with the marriage ministry at my church, which is a 40-day challenge to transform your marriage through love....using the love that god shows us as an example. They mention forgiveness throughout the book. They even have a day/dare/challenge dedicated to this topic and make it very clear that if you do not forgive others, God will not forgive you. True!

I am up to Day 25 and it's topic is "Love is Jesus Christ."  It focuses on God's love for us and how we can not truly love another without understanding and embracing the unconditional love that God has shown for us, by giving his son as the ultimate sacrifice to wipe away our sins, even while we were still sinners. All True!
There was something that stood out to me that I never really fully connected before. God's love for us is unconditional. He loves us even when we turn our backs on him. He wakes even the evil up every morning, may give then good health, a roof over their head, protects them, etc., etc.  However, there is a requirement before he forgives. The sinner must repent and turn away from those sinful actions.  He continues to love them, which gives them the opportunity to recognize and repent before life leaves them. However, he does not forgive them, unless they take the necessary steps to repent. They will still suffer the consequences of their sin, which is death, if they never repent. (SN: Even if they repent, sometimes it is not enough to stop the more temporary disease, jail, loss of trust and respect from others, etc.), if we are supposed to love like God, then are we expected to forgive everyone for everything?  That is not the example that God has given us. He has provided a way for us to receive forgiveness, regardless of the severity of our crime against him. But it is not just given to us. There is something that is required of us, first....and that is repentance. 

Love unconditionally? Yes!  Forgive unconditionally? Not from what I read.



  1. I disagree. Not from the perspective of what you say God has shown us. I've read many passages and books on forgiveness and the general consensus is: Forgiveness is not necessarily for the oppressor, as it is for the victim. First you must realize we are not GOD, and although we should follow the example of his son, we again are not GOD. We are human with human emotions, issues, situations etc... God does not share in these human emotions as we do, because if God did, he would be fallible, which God is not. We when are forgiving others we are relinquishing there hold over ourselves. That hold that makes us angry and hurt and keeps us in victim status. And our oppressor continues to victimize us long after the actual act has been done. To cleanse our ownselves and mind and issues we must forgive so we can move on. That is the difference. Just because you forgive, doesn't mean you forget or that you have to allow that oppressor to be a part of your life.

    See when God forgives, your slate with God has been wiped clean, as if your sin doesn't exist. God still accepts you back into his fold, he still hears your prayers, he stills directs you, he still converses with your spirit. That's why God is God all knowing all present. God is......
    We are human, with human emotions and we err. God does not.

    God also says in the bible (new testament) but I can't look it up right now, so I will paraphrase. How can you expect God to forgive you when you can't forgive your brother whom you see daily?

  2. @Frankiegurl
    Forgiveness may not be for the oppressor. Ultimately, it is for the victim. I get that. However, I am speaking of requirements, according to the Bible. According to what I have read, we are required to forgive all who repent and request forgiveness. However, it does not tell us that we are required to do so in other cases. I have to research further, but I don't know that it speaks on that at all.