Monday, November 23, 2015

5 Weeks To The Holidays: Gift Wrap Organization

5 Weeks To The Holidays: Gift Wrap Organization
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In mid-October, I committed to spending the next 10 Weeks Organizing my Holiday Celebrations with Please join me as I go through this challenge and feel free to follow the steps, as well.
I will start each week’s challenge on a Sunday (oops…..I’m a little late again) and the challenge will end on Saturday, December 26th.
Last week, we decided what we would eat......for Thanksgiving.  We will likely be house hopping for most of the Christmas holiday and will likely be responsible for a dish.
This week, we will be organizing our gift wrapping.  Currently, we have several baby gift bags that we recycle from gifts given to our daughter for our baby shower and her 1st birthday party last May.  We also have several other gift bags and wrapping paper that we have stored from previous holidays.
My goal for this week is to put all gift wrapping paper and gift bags in one location and make note of additional products that will be needed. I found one great organization suggestion on the Organize 365 website.  The below picture shows how to store the gift bags in some kind of college crate.
As I find good prices on additional gifting products, I will buy and store them with the products that we already have.  My main source for additional products are various dollar stores and Jack's.

How about you?  Do you have a place where you store all of your gift wrap?  Will you be buying more gift supplies for the holiday?

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