Monday, November 2, 2015

8 Weeks to Organizing Your Holiday Celebrations: Will You Send Cards?

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In mid-October, I committed to spending the next 10 Weeks Organizing my Holiday Celebrations with  Please join me as I go through this challenge and feel free to follow the steps, as well.

I will start each week’s challenge on a Sunday (oops…..I’m one day late this week) and the challenge will end on Saturday, December 26th.

Last week we made a list of all the people we planned to buy Christmas gifts for and created a rough budget for whatever purchases we decide to make.

Beginning today, there are 8 Weeks to Organizing Your Holiday Celebrations and the task for the week is to decide if we will send out cards.

Sending out cards is something my husband and I have contemplated since we first got married.  Before having a baby, we didn’t do it because it felt kind of lame.  Who wants to see a picture of two adults as a Christmas card?

Last year was the first year we had a child in our lives, but our lack of planning and organization prevented us from meeting any kind of deadlines we would need to get pictures taken and send Christmas cards out in a timely manner.

This year, we are going to give it another try.

Will we send cards?  That’s the plan.

What kind of cards?  Well, as it stands, we have a few boxes of general Christmas cards in our file cabinet from previous years.  We’ll likely use those cards and stuff a picture of either just Selah (my daughter) or our entire family.  If we run out of those general cards (which I don’t think we will), we may create a custom card to send out to our A-1 list of family and friends.  This year, the top vendor on my list is Minted.  We used them for our daughter’s birth announcement and the results were gorgeous.  They even send you pre-printed envelopes with the recipient names listed on them for free!

Do you plan to send Christmas cards of you and/or your family for the holidays?

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