Wednesday, November 11, 2015

7 Weeks to the Holidays: What are you going to do?

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In mid-October, I committed to spending the next 10 Weeks Organizing my Holiday Celebrations with  Please join me as I go through this challenge and feel free to follow the steps, as well.
I will start each week’s challenge on a Sunday (oops…..I’m a little late again) and the challenge will end on Saturday, December 26th.

Last week we decided if we would send out cards.  The plan is to send out cards.  I sent my husband a link to Minted last week, so that we can agree on a design.  I used Minted for my daughter's birth announcement cards, last year, and they were absolutely stunning.  The cards are not as cheap as Shutterfly*, but the quality is totally worth it.  Either we will use some of the pictures we took this past Spring with our favorite family photographer (Photography by Jen Davis), we will use one of Selah's school pictures (that she's actually taking today) or we will be getting pictures taken specifically for the purpose of the Christmas/ Holiday cards.

Beginning today (well.....Sunday actually), there are 7 Weeks to Organizing Your Holiday Celebrations and the task for the week is to decide what we want to do.
The things we will be discussing are:
1) Where will we be spending Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the weekend after Christmas?
2) What foods do we want to make and which dishes will we request that others provide?
3) What about Christmas activities?  Tree lighting ceremony?  Sesame Place?
4) What about decorations?  Do we want a Christmas tree?  Real or fake?  Do we want a wreath for the door?  Any new ornaments?
So how about you? Are you into Holiday Planning?  Have you thought about what you will eat, where you will go and how you will decorate?

* Shutterfly is offering 50% off on all cards and 20% off on all photo cards purchased through the links on this page by December 31st, 2015.

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