Monday, November 16, 2015

6 Weeks to the Holidays: What will you eat?

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In mid-October, I committed to spending the next 10 Weeks Organizing my Holiday Celebrations with  Please join me as I go through this challenge and feel free to follow the steps, as well.
I will start each week’s challenge on a Sunday (oops…..I’m a little late again) and the challenge will end on Saturday, December 26th.
Last week, we discussed what we are doing for the holidays.  It's still not completely decided, but we've agreed on some things.
~ Thanksgiving at our place.
~ We will participate in our typical Christmas Eve traditions and have added a new tradition to the mix.  Our Christmas Eve traditions include:
1) We buy each other pajamas to be opened and worn on Christmas Eve
2) We buy each other a book to be opened on Christmas Eve
3) *new tradition*  We buy a gift for the house that can be enjoyed by all of us and open it on Christmas Eve.
~ Christmas Day is undecided, but likely will spend it at home

This week, we decide on what we will eat.
One thing is for sure.  We will have a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I believe we have a little under $60 to spend between now and Thanksgiving to earn a free turkey at ShopRite.
Christmas dinner is undecided, but we will discuss it, this week.
How about you?  What will you be cooking for the holidays?  Do you have any food traditions that you automatically know that you will have each year?

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